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We help you reach more people for Jesus and reach the next generation where they are - on social media.

Watch this to get the full picture:


Reach the next generation where THEY are

Music went from vinyl, to tape, to digital - and it sounds better

Faith needs to go from tracts to worship services to TikTok - to reach more people.

Why We Exist

How to effectively harness the power of online reach and social media - is a challenge that's faced no matter what industry you're in - but when we look at churches and faith based organizations, there is an even bigger gap. Our mission is to transform your social media presence, focusing on providing valuable, educational, and motivational content that fosters meaningful online experiences - specifically, to experience Jesus for any and all consumers. By doing so, we aim to increase reach, engagement, and overall impact, while celebrating each organization's unique message. We believe that a tailored approach, using optimized processes and systems, will help organizations connect with their target audience and create a positive, uplifting online presence that truly reflects their purpose and values.

Some of our results...

Whether it be starting an account, running targeted ads or simply consistently providing content that's on brand and on target...we're ready to help.

What We Do 

Empower the Kingdom is a specialized social media management and content creation company for churches and faith-based organizations. We use a unique approach to repurpose your existing content for maximum online engagement and impact across multiple social media platforms. Our dedicated team of producers, editors, SEO specialists, and graphic designers work tirelessly to ensure your message reaches the right audience. Our tailored strategies can help you connect with your followers, inspire their faith, create an experience for them online, and expand your reach beyond the confines of traditional social media.

Comprehensive Social Media Solutions for Faith-Based Organizations

Content repurposing

You already have the content, not it’s time to make that content work. We transform your existing video and audio content into engaging clips, reels, and shorts, maximizing the value of your recorded material and effectively reaching your audience

Imagination unleashed

A truly collaborative effort to build a storytelling powerhouse. We use the energy and innovation of our creative team to empower your existing brand to generate content that reaches, connects and changes lives.

We believe in optimizing everything 

Our SEO specialists craft optimized captions, hashtags and subtitles to improve your search engine visibility, driving more traffic to your content and increasing your reach. We manage scheduling, posting, and tracking content on various platforms, ensuring a consistent and impactful online presence that connects with your target audience.

A one on one relationship - every time

Everyone we work with is unique - with a calling and a gift that God has placed on their ministry…there is no one size fits all solution. We are always learning - our clients and our agency. That’s how we keep getting better. We are passionate about sharing ideas and the things we’ve learned from experience. 

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